Our controls focused engineers and electricians/technicians are knowledgeable, experienced and conscientious workers bringing excellent value to our customers.

We offer high-tech solutions to various industries to help increase capacity, efficiency and system performance.

We collaborate with machine builders on complex, turnkey solutions and provide user-friendly interfaces, excellent fault recovery, easy operation, robust SCADA systems, and operator training.

We offer large-scale enterprise control systems to various industries. We have experience working in many situations,

including weekend plant shutdowns, long-term installations, and implementing modifications during production. Our controls engineers use a comprehensive design process to reduce on-site alterations and ensure compliance with codes, safety requirements, plant standards, and best practices.

Our electrical team provides safe, effective, industry-standard practices for industrial electrical needs.

Our experienced electricians design and service all electrical applications and can help when a line is down or equipment needs troubleshooting.

Our UL-capable panel shop constructs custom and high-volume panels for industrial applications in our 11,000-

square-foot facility. We offer panel startup services to make panels plug and play when they arrive onsite. We can preconfigure intelligent devices, verify power distribution, and perform IO checks or other tasks so you can invest your time elsewhere.

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