Our engineers, electricians and technicians are knowledgeable and experienced and work hard to provide excellent service to customers.

engineering career path

YEAR one 

Rotate through a variety of industries, from machine builders to manufacturers

Take classes in Apex U to learn our methods of design and implementation taught by our most experienced engineers

Learn from an experienced engineer mentor

YEAR one – three

Lead small projects on your own with oversight from senior engineers

Work on large team projects with experienced engineers

future opportunities 

Sales and Quoting

Standards, Safety, or Recruitment Committee

Project Management

Engineering Management

electrical career path

YEAR one & TWO

Lay out electrical panel drill patterns, mounting components and devices for panel builds

Assist in termination of wires, conduit runs, and diagnosing malfunctioning systems in the field


Begin to start up systems after electrical panel installation 

Assist with troubleshooting to bring systems into production


Continue to start up systems for electrical panels and connect external devices, including master control and high voltage cabling

Take on more responsibilities and decision-making opportunities during layout and project commissioning


Get training at all levels, including apprentice, journeyman and master electrician

Learn a wide range of disciplines, including basic electrical assembly, panel building, machine wiring, and industrial and commercial electrical

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